Jared Nelson

Jigar Patel Name: Jared Nelson
Occupation: Sales Director at JNA Entertainment
Date of Employment: April 2009

        Jared Nelson is the Sales Director at JNA Entertainment of Monterey. He was first hired as a temporary advisor to lead the “New-Image” transformation team, part of an initiative to reinvent JNA Entertainment’s professional image. Aside from working at JNA Entertainment, Jared is the owner of his own private business consulting firm.  

        Upon the deadline of the “New Image”  initiative, Jared’s consulting firm was contracted to manage JNA Entertainment of Monterey. Soon after, Jared became the Sales Director at JNA Entertainment, a new role created by the “New Image” team to handle all of JNA’s sales. This includes managing JNA Entertainment’s Customer Satisfaction. Jared’s role is to assure that all clients are kept informed and that they remain as worry-free as possible. Jared also works closely with the Finance Director to properly price our Products and Services.

        In his spare time Jared enjoys: Hiking, biking, excercising, playing baseball, learning to DJ, spending time with family, and operating his private consulting business.