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Tips on Hiring a Monterey Wedding DJ

Tips from Jive Entertainment on Hiring a Wedding DJ in Monterey:

Here are some questions you should definitely be asking ALL the DJs you’re interested in when looking for a Wedding DJ in Monterey!

We’ve answered the questions as well!

  • Have you committed yourself to follow any Code of Professional Conduct?
Being a responsible business owner, I’ve made sure my employees and business follow very strict company guidelines and adhere to the professional Code of Conduct written by the American DJ Association.


  • Are you insured? Can you supply me with proof of liability?
Many venues ask for a proof of liability from the DJ. Our company has a 2 Million Dollar insurance policy and will gladly provide proof to any venue demanding we do so.


  • Will you be willing to play requests and discuss music ahead of time?
As versatile Disc Jockeys, we are willing to listen to your suggestions, give you feedback and play from your desired song list. We also accept the fact you may not want certain songs played. During our consultations with you, we’ll make sure we are well aware of the music you want played, and the music you don’t want played. Clear communication and planning is key to making your event a success, Jive Entertainment utilizes a very detailed planner that goes through every aspect of your event, to make sure we have all the bases covered!


  • Do you use Professional Equipment?
We’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on our equipment; you can be assured that the equipment and BACK-UP equipment we use is professional and the industry’s BEST equipment.


  • Do you provide backup equipment at my event?
Although equipment failure is rare, Jive has backup equipment on board on our fleet at your event- ready to go in case of an emergency.


  • Does the Disc Jockey know the proper etiquette for your type of party?
We’re professionals. We’ve been to hundreds of events. This is what we do. This is second nature to us.


  • How much time do you allow for set-up?
Punctuality is a necessity. Although the equipment, on average, takes about an hour to setup, we come two hours before your event to be safe.


  • Do you provide a written contract?
It is extremely important to have your booking confirmed in writing! Yes we offer a written agreement. This is to be signed by both parties and is required by our company.


  • Will you be suitably dressed for our occasion?
Do you read GQ magazine? Our employees are professionally dressed for your event. Suit or tuxedo only.


Thank you for reading! Best of luck finding a Monterey Wedding DJ! We hope you consider hiring Jive Entertainment for your special day.
Best Regards,
Jared Nelson
Jive Entertainment

Monterey Wedding Season 2012

Is it that time of the year already?! Monterey wedding season is here and in full swing!

It’s been a cloudy month, but the skies are beginning to clear up! Reservations for dates are filling up quickly!

This sure has been a great year! So far we have booked 26% more from last year’s off season! Definitely a milestone!

With even more events, we can offer our award-winning Event Sound, Lighting, and Decor service at even more affordable rates, and the best part about it all: 15% of your payment will go directly to a local charity or non-profit!

Call us today at 831-240-4430 for more information

– Jared Nelson, manager

Jive Entertainment has raised over $4,000 this year to benfit local charities!

Thank you Fans and Clients! Together we raised over $4,000 to benefit local charities!

We know it isn’t much, but we’re certainly proud to say that we’re giving back to our local community.

To join our effort please give us a call for a list of charities you can donate to, TODAY!

Remember: 10% of your payment for services and 20% of all MONTEREY WEDDING DJ profits from January to October will be donated to local charities!
**If you would like your charity to be listed on our list of charities to donate to, please request a charity form from our office by calling (831) 240-4430.

Thanks for your help!
-  Jive Entertainment Staff

A Monterey Wedding at the Beach Resort

A few weeks ago, Jive Entertainment was blessed to provide Monterey Wedding DJ Service for Amber Wise’s wedding ceremony and reception. It was a beautiful day, one that most brides wish for in Monterey!

We arrived at the Best Western Beach Resort and I began unloading then immediately went to talk to the event coordinator to make sure things we’re going by as planned! I started setting up the ceremony sound. It had to be perfect. It was a busy day at the beach and the hotel. It was a beautiful day for a  Wedding in Monterey. We were placed above the ceremony on the level higher than the beach. Acoustics were key. While I was perfecting the ceremony setup, Geo had already began to setup the main reception equipment on the top level overlooking the beautiful Monterey shoreline. When I was completed, I check in once again with the Event Coordinator to make sure everythingwas perfect and going as planned. I also had her check in with the bride and once again make sure things were going by PERFECTLY. I ran up to the top level where the reception equipment was just about done being setup. After I helped Geo tidy up and keep things lookin’ pretty, we both ran down to the ceremony area where we booted up our equipment and had everything ready to go!

Once again, we checked in with the bride and the Event Coordinator. After that we hooked up the Priest to a clip on lavalier wireless mic system (This way the guests could hear the Bride, Groom, and Priest in amazing HD quality without the need to carry a handheld wireless mic!), trained him on using it, cued up all the music, and were ready to go! Whoo!

It went by smoothly!…and VERY beautifully! Here they come…the bridal party…then finally our BEAUTIFUL bride! What a ceremony! After it was over, I ran up to the reception hall and had the background music ready to go, all why Geo was breaking down the ceremony equipment!

What a night it was. Great music, great people, amazing food, beautiful weather..and the list goes on and on!

Another memorable Monterey Wedding by Jive Entertainment Monterey Wedding DJ Service!

Thanks for reading,
Jigar Patel

A Wedding at the Pema Osel Ling Retreat in Santa Cruz

On August 22, 2009, Jive Entertainment had the pleasure of DJ’ing a Wedding at the Pema Osel Ling Retreat in Santa Cruz, CA.

We’ve never provided services at this venue, so the event was even more exciting. The venue was beautiful! We arrived two and a half hours before the event because we had to setup the Ceremony and the Reception equipment, and boy were they quite a way up that hill! The Ceremony was beautiful! It was surrounded by Santa Cruz’s famous Redwood trees! It is also a recently renovated! The Reception site was also a true beauty!

As always, the event went smoothly, and the guests loved us! Here’s some pictures below! Enjoy!

Woopsies, haven’t uploaded them yet! Sit tight!

A Wedding at the Monterey Wedding Garden

This past weekend (August 15) I was blessed to be at a beautiful Wedding in Monterey!

It’s been a while since I have DJ’d at the Monterey Memory Garden, and I forgot about how beautiful the venue really is!

Although I wasn’t Dj’ing, I had a blast helping set-up my girlfriend’s sister’s Wedding, and truly enjoyed the entire night!

I also helped the DJ setup for the night! Which was a good experience! Her name was Tammy and she’s a former Kool Inc Disc Jockey! She did a great job!

The day was absolutely beautiful! No up-lighting was even needed to make this event special- the Monterey Sun did it all and more! A beautiful Monterey Summer Day (Also the day of the Concours d’ Elegance and the Monterey Fair! All-in-all it was a day many of us hope to have on our special days!

For those of you planning your Monterey Wedding, be sure to check out the Monterey Memory Garden as a possible venue!

I wish I could say more, but the only description of I have of the venue is that it’s simply beautiful!

That’s all folks! Until next time!

Thanks for reading,

P. S. Off the topic of the venue, I wish the Steph and Joey a wonderful marriage! May your lives together be full of happiness!

Providing DJ Service for the California International Airshow

Jive Entertainment was honored to DJ this year’s California International Airshow – 2009 in Salinas, CA!

Talk about fun! Three days of music, great food, great people, and amazing performances by the US Navy’s Blue Angels, Robosaurus, the Wall of Fire, and the numerous other acts! Year after year, this show keeps getting bigger and better!

What exactly did we do there? Jive Entertainment provided DJ Service all three days of the Airshow! We also MC’d the Carl’s Jr. Famous Star Hamburger contests daily, and provided sound for the PRESIDENT’s CLUB.

Thank you to each of the 50,000+ Airshow fans, Carl’s Jr., and the President’s Club for giving us a great weekend!

As always, thanks for reading!

Here’s some candids from the event taken by Amish:

IMG_0395 IMG_0396

IMG_0397 IMG_0398


A Monterey Wedding to Remember

Summer weddings in Monterey are usually known for: amazing weddings on or near the beach on a wonderful Summer afternoon with moderate heat and a cool beach breeze so it surprised the entire staff at Jive Entertainment when a client had come up to us with a most unusual request…

The bride, Brianna, hired Jive Entertainment as her Wedding DJ in November 2008. Brianna’s wedding was  Saturday, July 18, 2009; in beautiful Monterey, CA. A few months ago she gave us a call stating that she had completely changed the theme of her Summer Wedding. Brianna wanted to have a beautiful Winter theme in the middle of Summer!

Hours before the event we had called in a few extra employees to help us set-up this Winter Wonderland theme! We brought in 18 high intensity fog machines, 8 of our supreme snow machines, 30 PAR Lighting fixtures to serve as “special ambiance” as per our Up-lighting Package, as well as our unique star machine. The walls were glowing a beautiful blue, the ceiling was spotted with stars, and a gobo was projected on the main wall behind the Bride and Groom’s table with “Brianna and Jake” in a heart!

Then it came that very special moment, the Bride and Groom’s Grand Entrance! We announced their entrance, and the guests had turned looking towards the doors. When all of a sudden the ground was thick with fog from our fog-machines, and from the ceiling (where we had hidden our custom made snow-flake-machines), fell small snowflakes! The Bride and Groom appeared to be floating on clouds as they entered in low-laying fog, and the guests were absolutely astonished by the snow falling and the miraculous Cinderella-like wedding decor.

Brianna’s unique idea came to probably be one of the coolest weddings we’ve provided DJ services for! It was just amazing! If you want something like this feel free to contact us today!

Thanks for reading,