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A Monterey Wedding at the Beach Resort

A few weeks ago, Jive Entertainment was blessed to provide Monterey Wedding DJ Service for Amber Wise’s wedding ceremony and reception. It was a beautiful day, one that most brides wish for in Monterey!

We arrived at the Best Western Beach Resort and I began unloading then immediately went to talk to the event coordinator to make sure things we’re going by as planned! I started setting up the ceremony sound. It had to be perfect. It was a busy day at the beach and the hotel. It was a beautiful day for a  Wedding in Monterey. We were placed above the ceremony on the level higher than the beach. Acoustics were key. While I was perfecting the ceremony setup, Geo had already began to setup the main reception equipment on the top level overlooking the beautiful Monterey shoreline. When I was completed, I check in once again with the Event Coordinator to make sure everythingwas perfect and going as planned. I also had her check in with the bride and once again make sure things were going by PERFECTLY. I ran up to the top level where the reception equipment was just about done being setup. After I helped Geo tidy up and keep things lookin’ pretty, we both ran down to the ceremony area where we booted up our equipment and had everything ready to go!

Once again, we checked in with the bride and the Event Coordinator. After that we hooked up the Priest to a clip on lavalier wireless mic system (This way the guests could hear the Bride, Groom, and Priest in amazing HD quality without the need to carry a handheld wireless mic!), trained him on using it, cued up all the music, and were ready to go! Whoo!

It went by smoothly!…and VERY beautifully! Here they come…the bridal party…then finally our BEAUTIFUL bride! What a ceremony! After it was over, I ran up to the reception hall and had the background music ready to go, all why Geo was breaking down the ceremony equipment!

What a night it was. Great music, great people, amazing food, beautiful weather..and the list goes on and on!

Another memorable Monterey Wedding by Jive Entertainment Monterey Wedding DJ Service!

Thanks for reading,
Jigar Patel

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