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A Monterey Wedding to Remember

Summer weddings in Monterey are usually known for: amazing weddings on or near the beach on a wonderful Summer afternoon with moderate heat and a cool beach breeze so it surprised the entire staff at Jive Entertainment when a client had come up to us with a most unusual request…

The bride, Brianna, hired Jive Entertainment as her Wedding DJ in November 2008. Brianna’s wedding was  Saturday, July 18, 2009; in beautiful Monterey, CA. A few months ago she gave us a call stating that she had completely changed the theme of her Summer Wedding. Brianna wanted to have a beautiful Winter theme in the middle of Summer!

Hours before the event we had called in a few extra employees to help us set-up this Winter Wonderland theme! We brought in 18 high intensity fog machines, 8 of our supreme snow machines, 30 PAR Lighting fixtures to serve as “special ambiance” as per our Up-lighting Package, as well as our unique star machine. The walls were glowing a beautiful blue, the ceiling was spotted with stars, and a gobo was projected on the main wall behind the Bride and Groom’s table with “Brianna and Jake” in a heart!

Then it came that very special moment, the Bride and Groom’s Grand Entrance! We announced their entrance, and the guests had turned looking towards the doors. When all of a sudden the ground was thick with fog from our fog-machines, and from the ceiling (where we had hidden our custom made snow-flake-machines), fell small snowflakes! The Bride and Groom appeared to be floating on clouds as they entered in low-laying fog, and the guests were absolutely astonished by the snow falling and the miraculous Cinderella-like wedding decor.

Brianna’s unique idea came to probably be one of the coolest weddings we’ve provided DJ services for! It was just amazing! If you want something like this feel free to contact us today!

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